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Easy to Clean
Protective Coating
Cuts cleaning time by 90%
10 year warranty on NEW glass
You can't See Nanokote, but you will know it's there
Nanokote is not just invisible, flexible and extremely durable, it also instantly repels most substances that come into contact with it. 
The coating works like a non-stick frying pan, repelling dirt and grease.
When cleaning is required, all it takes is a quick wipe. Nanokote cuts cleaning time by up to 90%. 
Protection from Lime, Corrosion, Fungus and Mould
​Nanokote prevents all of the above by repelling everything including water. Your screen will stay clear and bright, and never need to be replaced. 
It can also be used on ceramic floor and wall tiles, basins, baths, toilets and kitchen splash backs. Water will not sit on the surface, fungus and mould cannot attach themselves so your bathroom and kitchen will stay clean and sterile. 
Protect your Home and Environment
Being scratch and abrasion resistant, 100% UV Stable and chemical resistant, and incredibly durable, Nanokote can also be used on surfaces outside. It can take everything the challenging Australian Climate can throw at it, and protects external windows, commercial glass facades, roofs, glass pool surrounds, balconies and Auto Windscreens/Windows.
Harsh cleaning chemicals are not only expensive but they can also be harmful to your family and to the environment. Nanokote cuts the need for strong household cleaning products. A quick wipe with a mild detergent is all you will need.
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