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Getting High on Maintenance endeavours to ensure that no glass is scratched during the supply of a window cleaning service to our customers.


 If our window cleaners notice scratched glass, this will be brought to the attention of the customer. GHOM does not accept liability for scratched glass as a result of a specific window cleaning method, as insurance companies do not insure against any kind of scratched glass.


If a customer makes the claim that our window cleaner has scratched the glass, the customer must provide sufficient evidence that the glass was not scratched prior to the window clean. In such cases, we endeavour to work with the customer until we have reached an agreeable resolution. If the resolution cannot be achieved within 14 days of the issue being brought to our notice, the customer must at his own expense bring in a third party specialist company to verify the allegation is correct.


In all such cases the customer must conclusively prove the scratches have certainly been caused by the supplier. Glass can have small swirl scratches that are very fine prior to any window clean & even in the best case the glass may have some sand deposits and fine indistinguishable swirling, fine scratching is unavoidable.


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