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High Pressure Cleaning

Give your building or outdoor area a makeover by use of our pressure cleaning service!


Getting High on Maintenance can blast away months of built up dirt and can reach high access areas via abseiling.


Driveways & Walkways

Buildings & Balconies

Windows & Screens 


This can be done along with your window cleaning service or separately.

Pressure Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning

Professional Air-conditioner installation, maintenance & replacement

The difficult access of air-conditioners on ledges has made regular maintenance quite a difficult process. Due to salt from ocean breezes on the coast, air-conditioning units begin to rust and do not work to their full potential.


Getting High on Maintenance provide a service to completely respray and marine grade oil these air-conditioning units to help prevent parts from clogging up and costing you more money. We can make your old condenser unit look like new and stop that unsightly rust from staining your walls and ledges. We can re-gas and service the

air-conditioning unit to keep it working effectively and efficiently.


We also provide air conditioner installation & replacement. 


Have further questions about this service? Contact Jason on 0433369351

Air Conditioner Repairs Gold Coast


You've invested a significant amount on your solar system in order to save money and power.


Did you know? Dirty solar panels can produce up to 30% less power!


Unfortunately you cannot depend on the rain to clean your solar panels, just as you cannot depend on the rain to clean your windows!


Getting High on Maintenance can professionally clean your solar panels at the very affordable price of $8.00 per panel!


Get this service done along with your window cleaning or pressure cleaning and we will give you a discount.*


*Terms & Conditions Apply

Glass Stain Removal

What causes hard water stains?

1. Sprinkler systems spraying hard water onto glass.
2. Hosing concrete paths where lime bounces up onto glass
3. Lime leaching out of cement from buildings onto glass.
4. Silica leaching out of seals onto lower sheets of glass
5. Iron leaching out of metal fly screens onto glass.
6. Spots or water left to dry on shower screens or non-squeegeed glass


Glass Stain Types – Definitions

Sprinkler Stain: This stain is caused by a sprinkler system placed too close to the glass. The spray is directed in such a way that it hits the glass on a regular basis. These stains can also be developed from wind that blows the water on the glass over a period of time. Calcium, salts or magnesium from the local water system cause most sprinkler stains (bore water or spear pump water are the cause of some stains)


Condensation Stain: This stain is caused by water collecting under the first few inches of a window frame along the top. The sun does not evaporate the morning dew and over time this can cause a stain.


Building Run-off Stain: The minerals present in building materials such as limestone, Portland cement, brick or other materials leaching on to the glass surface after rains cause this stain.


Chemical Stain: This stain is caused by chemical residue from certain cleaning solutions left to dry on the surface or reaction from the chemical upon application.



Glass Stain Removal


A Standard Cleaning is the process of washing all glass surfaces with a brush/scrubber with a soap solution followed by its removal by a squeegee. This process is not expected to remove paint, sealants or glass stain damage, (reprint from the International Window Cleaning Association, Glass Stains Seminar)


Glass stain removal is not a standard process-of window cleaning service. The reason for this is the amount of time and chemicals needed to address the problem. Asking a window-cleaning contractor to remove stains as part of a Standard Cleaning is like brushing your teeth after 1 year and expecting to remove plaque.

The lack of a regular maintenance program allows minerals and chemicals to etch or build up on the glass surface and in some cases cause permanent damage. This condition can be caused by a number of reasons including but not limited to, sprinkler systems over spray, water run off from building design, condensation and improper chemical application from prior attempts to remove the stains.

The cost of removal can be substantial, although it is much less than the cost of replacement. Many times it is not possible to discover the full extent of damage or determine the price of removal until a Standard Cleaning is performed and viewed by the customer and window-cleaning contractor.


GETTING HIGH ON MAINTENANCE will inspect the project with the customer to confirm the stains and perform tests in areas agreed upon by the customer to determine to what extent it can be removed. The cost of the tests are free.

Glass Stain Removal Gold Coast

Bird Control Solutions - Anti Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes Gold Coast
Bird Detterent Gold Coast

Bird spikes are an effective, long-lasting & low-maintenance bird control solution. They have been popular for buildings to prevent all kinds of birds from nesting & dropping on surfaces.


The Spikes are NOT AT ALL harmful to birds – however they are very uncomfortable and daunting. The spikes actually prevent birds from landing on surfaces, therefore making them effective everywhere they are installed.


They are designed so that the spikes point directly upwards, this prevents birds from being able to move across the base.

Anti Bird Spikes act as a impenetrable barrier to the birds, preventing them from landing or roosting on ledges or gutters. The intelligent design provides the solution to virtually every situation where bird spikes are required...
Due to the narrow base, it also means that it can be applied to almost any type of surface.

The polycarbonate base & stainless steel Spikes have a long life expectancy. The base is UV protected which safeguards against cracking or breaking due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The Spikes are far less visible to the human eye than plastic ones because they do not reflect sunlight and attract less dirt.


Contact us for a quotation for the Supply and Installation of Bird Spikes on your building or home.  

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