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We supply houses with a satisfaction guaranteed service, including professional cleaning of internal and external windows, screens and tracks.
Hard to reach areas are accessed with the use of  a ladder or water fed pole. 
No harsh chemicals are used.
We work with you to schedule a time that suits your busy lifestyle! 
Our Services for homes also include Pressure Cleaning & Solar Panel Cleaning.


Building Managers and Body Corporate's have appreciated windows to be cleaned on regular intervals, with very little disruption to guests and residents. We do our best to accommodate the needs of each building through the availability of our qualified abseilers.
For our abseilers to access the building's externals, anchor points need to be installed and up to date with testing & certification. Anchor points require annual testing in order to comply with Australian Health and Safety regulations. 
For more information on anchor points CLICK HERE
Abseilers are attached by two ropes, one a work line and the other a safety line, both are attached to two separate anchor points on the building.
Abseiling allows safe access to inaccessible areas of the building. It also allows access to windows from the exterior instead of having to access individual units causing an inconvenience to some guests. 
Our ground crew can service the common areas such as Reception & Pool area, internals of units and accessible windows on balconies. 
Abseil Window Cleaning
Abseil Window Cleaning
Our customers also include Universities, Aged Care Facilities, Shopping Centres, Offices, Hospitals & 3 storey walk ups. 
We would love to have a chat with you regarding your required services. Please call us on the number below or you can email us via our quote page. 
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